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Thanks for the topical intro, Adele. Welcome to KULT V.2! We're so happy to finally allow you to experience our new webstore. (How damn shiny does it all look?!)

Our site isn't just visually stunning, but also working flawlessly - our checkout system is now the smoothest thing you will ever have to deal with when shopping online. You're able to effortlessly checkout, with our swanky new customer account system, meaning no more rush-typing your address every time you grab some new KULT gear! Simply add your new pieces to your cart, click the little cart slider button and proceed to the checkout. There, you'll see a preview of your shipping address and our new shipping pricing (Which is also super awesome, you'll see...) and then select your payment method - our much loved partner: PayPal, or our very new, cool friend Stripe! You can now pay directly with your credit or debit card using Stripe, and feel even safer in doing so. Then just sit back, grab a beer and wait for that order confirmation email with our super cute new colour scheme. Yes, we went that far.

Nathan wearing our TEENAGE FLIRTBAG Tee

Those aren't the only things that are new, I mean, you are totally reading all of this on our new blog! Are you ready for some seriously amazing content? Cuz we are and we can't wait to unveil it all for you. Alongside our blog, we are now updating all of our social feeds daily, and our Pinterest is seriously on point right now...

So... Shipping rates; the bane of a lot of you dolls' lives! I mean, you don't really wanna pay the same price in shipping as the product you're buying, do you? No. We know that, so we changed up a lot of things. It's now even cheaper to ship domestically inside the UK, starting out at £3.50 for one garment (Even cheaper for patches and pins - select pieces ship completely FREE!) and capping off at £12.50, regardless of how much stuff you throw in dat cart, your postage will not go any higher than that. PLUS, orders over £45 now ship free of charge inside the UK.

We hear ya, our 'lil International and Worldwide hottiez! It's also cheaper to ship to the US & Canada, with prices starting at £3.50 and capping at £13.00. If you grab some goodiez for more than £95, your order will ship completely free - and you worldwideys, only five pounds more to get ya free shipping for anything over £100!

With that all said, we can't miss out our Euro bunnies too. Prices start at £6.00 and cap off at £12.50, with your order shipping free if it's over £70. Okay, numbers, they're hurting my brain. 

So what else is new? Our HD new textures and images of course! Everything is so soft on the eye I think it's making me sleepy. We can't wait to bring you more improvements and amazing new pieces to your eyes! Thanks for being rad as hell and letting me do this all for you!

. . . 

Oh... And you can get a 25% off code, valid for 7 days, right FUCKIN' now.

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