Founded in 2011 by Samuel White, KULT was born out of a desire to create without boundaries. To be able to subvert feelings and viewpoints, to twist and skew them until they took on another meaning entirely.

KULT is not about seeing things for what they are on the surface, but for seeing what they have the potential to become. An investment in creativity and deep thought has lead to thoroughly original pieces, despite how unoriginal the aesthetic of the inspiration was.

Since 2011, KULT has grown from the very first t-shirt created in Sam's bedroomusing nothing more than an iron-on transfer and a blank white teeto a dedicated screen printing and production studio housed in Manchester, UK.

Sam's clear vision for KULT was to be able to offer something that emphasised quality, sustainability and ethical responsibility without an unattainable price tag. His commitment to quality is what drives KULT forward with each release; never settling for the baseline set by our peers, we strive to create the best of the best.

* * *

I hope jesus loves you cos I don't tee by KULT Clothing



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