It's time for something new.

I felt now was the right moment for a little switch up in how I label all of my pieces, and so with that in mind, in recent months I’ve spent a lot of time labouring over how exactly to do that. For some time I’ve felt as if the hem label no longer represented the look and feel I wanted to put out, but I also loved it as a medium to display hidden messages (like the words woven into the underside of the label only the wearer can see), so I didn’t want to lose such a valuable canvas.

I settled on a (kind of) radical idea of removing the hem tag completely, splitting the design in two, and using those forms to end up with two black rectangular labels that would replace the existing square sizing label inside the neckline. One label for the KULT branding, another for an interchangeable message, which can be updated seasonally to encapsulate new feelings for each moment.

Additionally, I’ve also been listening to what all of you have said to me over the years whenever you received your pieces and started wearing them. In the past, some of my labels have felt a little bulky, and because of the way they’re made, they also had harder edges. These new labels aren’t like that — at all.

When most garment labels are made, they’re woven together from thousands of tiny threads and produced in large panels, before they’re then cut down by a machine that uses a combination of heat and sharp blades. Some labels are cut with such a high level of heat that their edges melt more than they should, bonding them to stop them from fraying, but also making them have that “scratchy” feeling I know we’ve all felt on the back of our necks from time to time.

My new labels are cut using sharp blades but not as high of a temperature than they were before, and this means that microscopic little threads are still free to move around on their edges, making them much softer to the touch and stopping them from feeling irritating.

This label, and the other new KULT one, are now on almost every piece I currently offer on the store. You’ll see the product images update to reflect the new design over the next few weeks, and you’ll also get to see them up close and in all their glory.

This feels like a bright, fresh way to start 2023, and I genuinely could not be more excited about all the new things coming. Thank you for being here. Yes, *you*; one of the only people who read this all the way to the end. I appreciate you so much.


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  • Lina

    So excited!!

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