About Us

What d'ya wanna know?

KULT is that chance-meeting between soft fabrics and a grunge lifestyle. They look each other awkwardly in the eye, exchange dumb pleasantries and feel like they should move along on their way - but they don't. They combine to create the raddest, fuckin' shredded, torn, ripped, dyed and bleached garments, all designed and curated by Samuel White.

In May 2011, Sam had the inspiration to create a t-shirt for himself, using some seriously old iron-on t-shirt transfers. This was the start - his social media exploded with questions of "Where do I get one?!" and thus, KULT was born.

Born out of pure inspiration and the need to create, KULT is the embodiment of social commentary - blending brash slogans with clever wordplay and a feeling of sarcasm throughout each collection of visually appealing pieces. 

Sam has worked tirelessly to create for himself and KULT's followers and to keep things fresh as he did so. KULT has evolved from an "Ironing board operation" in his bedroom, to a dedicated print and design studio based in Manchester, UK.

KULT is a strong, independent brand that ain't gonna stop creating 'til you find something to love about us!

So... ya gonna join?


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