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The future.

To everyone, It’s been a while since I last wrote one of these — nine months to be exact. My last blog post was for my return to KULT, and it detailed my absence from September 2018 up until October 2019, when I came back. This one is decidedly much less serious, and I write this post today with happiness in my heart, and focus in my mind. I wanted to speak to you all directly about my plans for KULT over the next 12 months and beyond. It’s been clear for quite some time that keeping over 100 pieces available as made-to-order is a difficult and exhausting task, which pretty much birthed my absence last year. So, with that being...

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I owe you an explanation.

To everyone, You may have noticed a lack of social media posts, new products, responses to enquiries/messages, and a general absence of KULT’s sardonic and emotion-capturing presence recently. There’s good (not so much good, rather just plainly honest) reasoning for my step back from the business almost a year ago in September of last year, but in order to explain it fully, I first need to offer a little bit of back story to KULT and how things bloomed into existence.KULT is the product of one mind, one pair of hands, a huge amount of sewing and screen printing, along with an intense volume of worry and perfectionism. In essence, KULT is just an extension of me: Sam. It’s a way...

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