Shipping Information


Yes! All pieces available on the store can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Just add them to your cart, head to the checkout, enter your shipping details, and you will receive a quote for delivery costs to your chosen country.

Please note that some countries require a PO Box line in your address for successful delivery. These countries include but are not limited to: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.


We use a mixture of different shipping providers depending on the weight and size of your package, and the service you have selected during checkout.

All of our packages are shipped through one of the below providers:

  • Royal Mail (Tracked and non-tracked services worldwide)
  • USPS Smartmail Plus Ground (Tracked services to the USA only)
  • Evri (Tracked services worldwide)
  • Landmark Global (Tracked services worldwide)


Yes, absolutely! We ship directly to PO Boxes all over the world.

However, please note: you will not be able to select the Tracked & Signed shipping option when shipping your order to a PO Box as there will be no one to sign or accept the package on your behalf, and some forwarding services will reject any packages that require a signature upon delivery.


Yes, you may amend your shipping address as long as your order has not yet been dispatched.

To do so, please contact us via email or through social media. Please ensure to include your order confirmation number and full name in your first message, alongside the new address you wish your order to be sent to.

Under certain circumstances, you may incur additional postage costs. For example: if you have initially directed your order to be sent to the United States, but now wish for it to be sent to Australia, you will be responsible for paying any additional postage costs associated with your new delivery location.

We cannot change your shipping address after your order has been dispatched. 


Depending on where in the world you require your order to be shipped, delivery times may vary. The times below reflect the most up to date timeframe it typically takes for an order to reach you after it has been dispatched.

  • UK & Ireland — 2–4 business days
  • Mainland Europe — 5–7 business days
  • United States — 10 business days
  • Canada — 10–12 business days
  • Australia — 10–14 business days
  • New Zealand — 10–14 business days
  • Rest of the World — 10–14 business days


Our Tracked & Signed shipping option does not alter the speed at which your order may arrive. This delivery method simply adds an extra level of security to safeguard your package during transit, and will enable you to follow along with your package’s journey online.

We use various different services when sending items via the Tracked & Signed shipping option, so please check your shipping confirmation email to find which provider is transporting your package.

All of our packages are shipped through one of the below providers:

  • Royal Mail
  • USPS Smartmail Plus Ground
  • Evri (Previously named Hermes)
  • Landmark Global

Orders shipped via the Tracked & Signed option, both inside and outside of the UK, may require a signature upon delivery.


If you selected our non-tracked shipping option during checkout, your order will be dispatched via Royal Mail’s International Standard service. This service is just as safe and reliable as the Tracked & Signed option we offer, however your package will not be provided with its own live tracking code.

Delivery times for non-tracked packages are exactly the same as our Tracked & Signed option, and the only difference between either services is the addition of a live tracking code. Your non-tracked package will be delivered in exactly the same way — for international orders, once your package has left the UK, it will be processed by Customs in your country and then passed over to your local postal service for delivery to you. Your order will be delivered during one of your daily postal rounds.

We retain all shipping documents for both non-tracked and Tracked & Signed packages should anything go awry. Please ask us to forward scans of these documents if you would like to keep them for your own records.


If your package is small enough to fit through your letterbox, and if it does not require a signature, it will be delivered successfully even if you are not home.

However, if it is larger than your letterbox slot, the postal service worker delivering your package will contact whoever is present at your address and ask them to accept delivery of the package.

Sometimes no one is present during a delivery attempt, and because of work or other commitments, you may not be able to accept delivery of your package. Please don’t worry; your package will be held by your local postal service in a secure and safe place. You will receive a notification from the postal service in your country, usually in the form of a leaflet or letter, to inform you that a delivery attempt was unsuccessful. Further details will be included on the leaflet as to how you may collect or rearrange delivery of your package.

Please note that this practice differs by country, but for most it remains the same. Some postal services may contact you via phone if you opted to provide your phone number when placing your order, as this detail will be included on your shipping label.


Absolutely — if your order has not yet arrived, but the appropriate amount of time has passed, please reach out so we can help to set your mind at ease.

If you have selected Tracked & Signed shipping during checkout, your package will be traceable on its journey to you. Every time your package passes through a postal hub on its way to you, it will be scanned and updated via your online tracking status page. If you would like assistance accessing this page, please contact us here.

Alternatively, if you have chosen a non-tracked shipping method for your order, and would like to receive a scanned copy of your shipping documents, including the Proof Of Posting receipt supplied by Royal Mail and your unique dispatch barcode, please feel free to use our contact form here to request those documents. We operate a fully transparent shipping process and feel it's important to make these documents available for your personal records.


Not at all. If you have made a purchase during a free shipping promotion, or if your order value was over the amount needed to qualify for free shipping, your package will be dispatched via Royal Mail's International Standard service.

This service is non-tracked, but it carries the same delivery estimate as all of our other Royal Mail services, and just because you have received free shipping on your order does not mean it will arrive slower than other orders.


While we think it is very unlikely that you will be asked to pay additional duty on your package once it reaches your country, we cannot rule out the possibility. We take every effort possible to accurately reflect the true cost of your purchase on your package's Customs Declaration label, while ensuring you do not incur extra fees upon delivery.

If you are feeling concerned about the possibility of having to pay an extra fee, please check your government's Customs website where they will display the threshold for importing goods into your country. It is best to check the allowable threshold for goods before making a purchase.


Of course. If your order has not yet been delivered, it is not usually a cause for concern unless a very large amount of time has passed.

This question has two very different answers depending on if your order has been dispatched or not. If your order has not been dispatched, then it may be delayed in processing, and we would advise you to first check your email inbox for information regarding a possible delay. If you haven't received further information about your order, please contact us here to request the current status of your order.

If your order has already been dispatched, but it hasn't arrived, please check your tracking details first if you have selected a Tracked & Signed shipping option as there may be further details provided by Royal Mail and your local postal service regarding why your package hasn't been delivered to you yet.

As we offer multiple shipping options, including a non-tracked international service, it may be that you find yourself unable to track your order. If this is the case, please get in touch so we can help. If you're feeling uneasy or anxious about a non-tracked package, and think something may have gone wrong, it is always best to speak with us first so we can help.


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