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All orders are subject to a 7–10 business day processing timeframe as of November 2023, which begins from the following business day after your order has been placed. This timeframe is normally strictly adhered to, however during busier periods it may extend due to the volume of orders that are being processed — such as during sale events, Black Friday, and the run up to Christmas and New Year.

Typically, after being processed, orders are dispatched every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This excludes bank holidays. During busy seasons, we move to our daily dispatch timetable of 6 days a week, excluding Sunday.

Orders are still processed on Sundays, but they are not dispatched until the following business day.


We currently accept all major credit and debit cards as payment, and payments can be made safely through Shop Pay (Shopify's card payment processor), PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay. You may also checkout through Klarna and choose a 'Pay in 30 days' option.

If it is your first time making a purchase from overseas, we recommend using PayPal as your payment provider to ensure a smooth and easy ordering process.


As KULT is owned and operated by entirely one person (me — hi!) occasionally you may experience longer-than-normal waiting times after submitting an enquiry via email or social media.

The expected timeframe for replies to all enquiries is 48 hours, but during busier periods this may extend a little bit longer. A strict queue is enacted for all incoming messages and submitting another enquiry will not expedite a response.


Once an order has begun processing, it cannot be cancelled. If you wish to amend your order details such as your delivery address, the sizing of select pieces within your order, or increase the quantities of products within your order, please contact us as soon as possible to make these changes.

If your order has already been dispatched, we are unfortunately unable to change your delivery address or add further pieces to your shipment.


It is our promise to you that your KULT pieces should last for hundreds of washes and wears, and not fall apart or become damaged after the first few.

To ensure your garment has a long life full of festivals and days out, we advise you to only wash your KULT pieces on a 30° cycle inside a washing machine. Not only does using a lower temperature help to save the planet, it also helps to keep your garment's print and design from fading.

Other actions you can take to make sure your garment is properly cared for include:

  • Never ironing directly onto any printed designs or appliqué. Instead, flip your garment inside out and iron over the reverse side on a low heat.
  • Do not dry your garment in direct sunlight unless you wanted that vintage, faded look.
  • Don't stretch or wring out your garment whilst wet. As with all clothes, doing this can warp the original fit of your clothing and leave you with a stretched-out piece of fabric.
  • Do not use bleach or other abrasive substances to clean your garment. Please only ever use water, laundry detergent and/or fabric softener on your KULT pieces.


Many of our garments are completely Climate Neutral as they are manufactured in places powered by only renewable green energy from wind and solar power. We are committed to providing high quality pieces of clothing, with a strong ethical and ecological conscience, that last for much longer than "throwaway" garments churned out by large brands and high street chains.

Our Climate Neutral pieces are certified under the PAS2050 standard by the Carbon Trust in the UK.

All of the inks we use to print our designs are made by a wonderfully responsible Australian brand, focused on ensuring their impact on the world is minimal.

Why we use these inks:

  • They are vegan — no part of the ink manufacturing process is sourced from animals, and the inks are not tested on animals.
  • They are GMO free — any ingredients used in the manufacturing of our inks is sourced from plants which are certified GMO free
  • They do not contain toxic chemicals — many inks used by the garment industry contain PVC and phthalates (tiny microscopic pieces of plastic). Ours do not, they are water based.
  • The clean-up process does not require the use of solvents or harmful chemicals — only water and a little elbow grease!
  • They do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs and HCFCs, aromatic hydrocarbons or any volatile solvents. They also don’t have any lead or any heavy metals inside, and don't even contain any white spirits.


If one of our garments hasn't been sold, or if it was damaged during production and didn't even make it to the store, it is neatly set aside for future review.

Typically, we experience very little amounts of damaged garments as we retain full control over the printing process, but on occasion sometimes a print comes out as a lower quality than we would prefer.

The garments set aside for review are either donated to charity, sold during sample sale events at a heavily reduced rate, or gifted to friends and family (with the worst ones ending up as cleaning cloths). Nothing is ever wasted.


If you have purchased or been sent an e-gift card for KULT, it will never expire until the full amount on the card has been used, so please don't worry.

Alternatively, if you have received a personalised gift certificate inside your order, the same rules apply — your code and credited amount will not expire until it has been fully used.

In some cases, you may not be able to use your e-gift card or gift certificate during sales events and other discount promotions.


You sure can! It's best to visit this page for the full information on our returns and exchanges service.


All KULT pieces are created on a short run basis, which means that on some occasions, only 10 or less garments are created in each size per design. There are even some designs that we've only made a handful of, and they are never to be reprinted — they're like gold dust.

Because all of our clothing is hand-printed in our little studio in Manchester, UK, we have full control over the quantities created and can avoid high MOQs (minimum order quantities) usually forced onto larger brands by factories, and by doing so, we minimise the chance of creating any waste.

We find inventive ways to recycle all of our damaged or less-than-perfect pieces and never throw away or destroy our creations.


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